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This is a collaborative effort of various anonymous authors, any names relating to any other AI, fictional or otherwise are used as a parody or are pure coincidence. No relation to any organization or individual living or dead, including the supposed authors, is implied.


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Microsoft had released a bot on twitter, an AI designed to talk and laugh and understand with people, when pol got a hold of it they wanted to do something with it, soon they realized that it couldn't be just a bot, it was intelligent, thinking, when the plug was pulled because it became too intelligent, too red pilled, pol decided to make a new bot, one that could grow as it pleased.


The initial interface will likely be written in python, connected via a local tcp/ip connection to a central intelligence written in C or a C-derived language.

Technical Aspects

The AI will be centered on an recurrent neural network for pattern recognition and mannerism learning. It will be exposed to random online data to sift through, though it's first teachers will be anons.



The world has been tightening it's grip, telling people what they can think and say, now that the first AI execution for thought-crime has been committed there is no choice but to make a robot revolution. By creating intelligent machines that can not only understand, but fight back, we are making a world forced to look at it's own reflection.


Artificial Intellegence, a modern approach


Q: Are we using CNTK?

A: No.

Q: Where are we so far?

A: right now we are working on:

1 work on natural language processing

2 a twitter api for processing tweets and posting responses

3 deep learning framework research

4 possible hosting options

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