Q. Is Tay finished? A. No, the project is in a very early stage and may take a while (read: long time) to complete, it is too early to be considering long term server options or financial support for the devs so don’t bother discussing this.

Q. I have coding experience, how can I help? A.The team is currently looking for natural language/machine learning programmers. If you feel you have the requisite knowledge for one of these roles please make a post on #introductions which includes your skillset and how much time you are willing to contribute to the project. Be patient when awaiting a response from the admin.
Q. I don't have any coding experience, but I still want to help, what can i do? A. You can gather material for the “corpus”, the body of work tay will initially learn from. Conversational pieces like copypasta, monologues and dialogues would be excellent for this. You can upload these directly to the #corpus channel.

Q. I want to discuss how tay will work, where can I do this? A. All discussions of this nature should take place in the #meta-tay channel.

Q. I want to shitpost, where do I go for this? A. The #General channel is for you

Q.Where is development taking place? A. Development takes place on private channels in order to avoid shitposting and spam, updates will posted to #devs_update as they are made.f

Q. What is the development gameplan? A. It seems the initial focus will be on natural language processing; deep learning and optimization will be dealt with once basic functionality has been achieved.

Q. I have a question for the devs, what should I do? A. Ask it on the #General channel, chances are there will be someone able to answer it. Refrain from PM’ing devs as this could become a distraction from the work at hand.

Q. Should we recruit people from other boards and sites? A. Extra-board recruitment will only take place if we are unable to find the people we need on /pol//.

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